Let's Take On the Changing Payer Mix Together!

Managing multi-payer claims has never been so easy.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on your revenue stream. As Medicaid and private insurance continue to expand, there’s been a slow but steady shift away from the old familiar payer mix. If you aren’t prepared to mix it up with the newest players, you might be setting yourself up for serious complications to your revenue cycle health.

Paper Billing Is Slowing Down Your Revenue Cycle

Let's ditch paper billing altogether!

Chances are you’re already using electronic billing for your Medicare claims. It’s 2015 and you are clearly “with it.” But why not submit your other claims online as well? If you’re still submitting Medicaid and commercial payer claims on paper, we can help.

ERA Analyzer is now Quantum

ERA Analyzer has changed names to Quantum. This is a change in name only. Quantum is still the same great reporting and analysis tool with the same functionality and appearance. This change is simply to avoid confusion on the capabilities of the tool as its functionality continues to expand beyond ERA analysis.