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The eSolutions Newsletter | Q3 2018

Posted by eSolutions on Oct 4, 2018 11:37:00 AM
eSolutions Newsletter


eSolutions Welcomes New CEO

We proudly announced in August that eSolutions welcomed Gerry McCarthy as CEO. Gerry is an accomplished health information technology executive who will lead eSolutions through its next phase of innovation and exponential growth.

Gerry has more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience, most recently as President of TransUnion Healthcare, where he oversaw the rapid growth and strategic direction of the division.

"I'm thrilled to join the eSolutions team," Gerry said. "eSolutions is positioned to build upon our record of success with continued investment in our solutions, customers and team."

Since high school when Gerry faced his own cancer diagnosis, he knew he wanted a career in healthcare. After graduating from Marquette University in the early 1990s, the timing was right to jump into a health IT career as the emergence of developing technologies like EHRs was catapulting the industry in new directions.

Gerry worked for McKesson Corp. for a decade where he served as senior vice president of product. He also worked for other health IT leaders like HealthMEDX LLC before landing at TransUnion.

Gerry said he is committed to advancing eSolutions' strategic initiative and direction while focusing on a strong brand, innovative products, market presence and a high-performing team.

Attention! Humana is retiring its secure online provider portal!

Starting October 3rd providers will no longer have access to Humana's secure online provider portal. However, eSolutions can help you easily access your claim information. eSolutions can help submit and track claims, pull remits, and check patient eligibility and benefits. 

Eligibility Tools have Powerful New Feature

advanced-eligibility-searcheSolutions remains at the forefront of cutting-edge eligibility verification with the addition of new features that assist providers in quickly and easily finding all of their patients' coverage.

We've added a cascading search feature to MVP Multi-Payer that automates discovering patient coverage when a payer is unknown. Unlike traditional eligibility verification, cascading search checks eligibility of a group of payers, searching across the payer group until coverage is found.


Our product team has also introduced a new Medicare advanced search function, giving our clients the most comprehensive Medicare eligibility search on the market. Medicare advanced search automates verification for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Secondary Payer, Medicare Part D, and/or QMB plans.

These features reduce the time and cost for your team to track down updated insurance information. It means fewer rejections and denials. It also improves your chances of reimbursement on at-risk accounts.

Palmetto GBA Providers - Don't Get Caught Outside the ADR Deadline!

Palmetto GBA is now reopening claims denied for non-receipt of requested medical records and is giving providers up to 120 days of the Remittance Advice date to send the documentation.

With our ADR Tracker Report you can identify any denials caused by failure to send documentation within 45 days, giving you the necessary information to send the requested claim documentation. Our tools work to prevent ADRs from ever going past the submission deadline.

If you'd like to strengthen your ADR response process, give your eSolutions account representative a call for more information.


New! - Home Health Billing Guide

As a home health agency, working with Medicare is one of the most complex, critical tasks an organization can undertake. A Home Health Agency's Guide to Getting Started with Medicare Billing outlines exactly what HHAs need to do to get started – from claims submission to common pitfalls and billing regulations. CHECK OUT THE GUIDE

How Increased Medicare Advantage Enrollment Impacts Providers

As the "silver tsunami" of baby boomers aging into Medicare continues, so does enrollment in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. A staggering 10,000 people are eligible to enroll in Medicare each day. From 2008 to 2017, MA plan enrollment grew from 9.7 million to 19.6 million. With the aging population, enrollment in MA plans will only continue increasing. READ MORE


New Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Toolkit

Many of you took the time to read our new Guide to Getting Started with SNF Billing in last quarter's newsletter. If you enjoyed the guide, you'll want to check out this new SNF Billing Toolkit that not only includes the guide, but a Triple Check Review List and a new Medicare Enterprise video. DOWNLOAD YOUR COMPLETE TOOLKIT


Automation in Your Clearinghouse Makes Life Easier

Why is automation important in a claims clearinghouse? Automation adds intelligence and agility to your claims submission process and revenue cycle. This equals less stress for your team, cleaner claims and improved reimbursement. READ MORE

Top 5 Financial Metrics Hospitals Should Track


With so many financial challenges facing hospitals and health systems, it may be difficult to determine exactly what metrics hospitals should track.

It's clear hospitals should track specific financial key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and evaluate financial health and profitability. But at every turn, hospitals are expected to measure and deliver indicators – from quality to financial to clinical to operational. With so many required indicators to report, it may feel overwhelming for hospital leaders to know exactly which financial KPIs they should track. Our hospital revenue cycle experts at eSolutions have created a list of the top 5 financial metrics any hospital should closely watch. READ MORE

Upcoming Trade Shows

Heading to any trade shows in Q4? Be sure to visit the eSolutions booth and let us know what's new with you and your organization.

  • October 4-7
    eClinicalWorks National Conference, Nashville, TN
    Booth #705
  • October 4-5
    CPCA Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA
    Booth #108
  • October 7-10
    NAHC Annual Meeting and Expo, Grapevine, TX
    Booth #313
  • October 7-10
    AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo, San Diego, CA
    Booth #1136
  • October 8-11
    Cerner Health Conference, Kansas City, MO
    Booth #215
  • October 15-17
    HMBA Fall Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC
    Booth #612
  • October 16-17
    NACHC FOM/IT, Las Vegas, NV
    Booth #600
  • October 16-18
    GAPHC Annual Conference, Jekyll Island, GA
  • October 18
    HFMA Joint Fall Conference, Branson, MO
  • October 19-21
    SCPHCA Annual Conference, Hilton Head Island, SC
  • November 4-11
    PointClickCare Summit, Nashville, TN
    Booth #107
  • November 11-13
    HFMA Region 9 Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA
    Booth #24
  • November 11-14
    NextGen UGM, Nashville, TN
    Booth #710
  • November 28-30
    Illinois AAHAM State Institute, East Peoria, IL

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