Get Ready: CMS is Updating the Current Version OASIS-C1 to OASIS-C2

Posted by Brian Tosh on Dec 21, 2016 11:04:53 AM

OASISAnalysisEmailHeader.pngOn January 1st, the OASIS-CR is going into effect. This will mean the addition of three new standardized items (M1028, M1060, GG0170c), along with modification to select medication and integumentary items. This is being done in an effort to standardize with other post-acute settings of care (M1311, M1313, M2001, M2003, and M2005).

We want to make sure that you’re ready for this change and that it has a minimal impact on your business. With OASIS Analysis from eSolutions, you get a secure and reliable way to analyze and expedite your OASIS data set. Our tool performs a complete analysis of the assessment and determines the presence of potential issues related to this update. The analysis even returns details on warnings and fatal errors, thereby ensuring better reimbursement, more accurate outcomes, and improved patient care.


The OASIS Analysis tool:

  • Performs a complete analysis of the assessment.
  • Determines the presence of warnings or fatal errors.
  • Lets you know if your files are completely written and ready for transmission.
  • Securely transmits the OASIS files to CMS.

At the organization level, you can enable options to hold or submit an OASIS file regardless of audit errors. Your file is not considered successfully transferred until OASIS Analysis receives a success response from CMS.

If you’d like to see our OASIS Analysis capabilities in action, we invite you to check out our short WebEx demo. We also offer a two-week, risk-free trial for you to see how easy it is to automate this entire process and start improving your reimbursements.


Just click the button above and select the option that works best for you. You can also call our Client Services department at 866-633-4726 if you have any questions.

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