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Client Services Spotlight: Meet Morgan Brown

Posted by eSolutions on Apr 29, 2019 2:58:00 PM


If you ask Morgan Brown, she’ll tell you that she was “rescued” by her boss. Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, Morgan was working as a server at a restaurant frequented by a customer who just happened to work for eSolutions.

After Helen Bardo-Levins, Senior Director of Client Services, finished her meal, she started quizzing Morgan about school and her experience outside of food service. Morgan informed her that she had earned a degree in healthcare administration. Helen gave Morgan her business card and told her to call soon.

But Morgan didn’t call.

“Working in a restaurant, you meet lots of people and many of them presented job opportunities that always seemed to fall through,” she explained. “And my initial thought was that this one would be no different. Boy, was I wrong!”

A few months after that initial meeting, Helen returned to the restaurant and upon seeing Morgan, immediately asked why she didn’t call. Morgan promised to call this time and went one step further.

“Little did she know, I still had her business card and proved it to her by running to my car to get it. I came back and showed it to her,” Morgan recalled. “Fast forward four and a half years later and here I am, working for Helen.”

Helen Bardo-Levins (left) and Morgan Brown (right) are a big reason
eSolutions' client retention rate ranks at 95 percent year after year.

Thanks in part to Helen’s persistence, Morgan has been an integral part of eSolutions’ Client Services team for almost five years. Currently, she works with the Memphis, Tennessee, team as a Corporate Trainer, tasked with training and supporting TITAN customers, as well as acting as a partner liaison. Her role includes training partner employees and providing analysis.

Morgan said each work day begins with Helen and food, befittingly.

“The first thing I do when I walk into work is ask Helen ‘What’s for breakfast?’” she said. “After breakfast has been determined, I will review my calendar for trainings for the next few days. Depending on when the trainings are, I will begin to do research on the company as well as begin prepping the customer’s account for their customized training.”

According to Helen, Morgan possesses certain characteristics that are perfect for her corporate trainer position: She’s “hardworking, efficient, attentive and friendly.”

And all those traits serve her well in her efforts to keep clients happy – something Morgan works hard at every day. Morgan’s favorite quote comes from the author of Life’s Little Instruction Book, H. Jackson Brown Jr.: “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” Giving of her time and talents to ensure eSolutions’ clients are well cared for is both a challenge and a goal for Morgan – and she’s passionate about it.

“I can honestly say that making sure customers are completely satisfied with the service I provide is the most rewarding part of being a corporate trainer,” she explained. “The philosophy that ‘the customer is always right’ is something that I always try to remember in every situation. I can usually sense when a customer is distressed, and I try to do everything in my power to make sure that when the call is over the issue is resolved, without them having to call us back. One of our goals as a team is first-call resolution.”

Another one of Morgan’s goals, besides maintaining exceptional customer service, is to expand her already-vast knowledge of revenue cycle management and the healthcare industry.

“Morgan knows a great deal about revenue cycle, and she passes that along to the team,” Helen said. “She works hard, and the rest of the team follows. Our team has extreme personalities, and she knows how to get along with her co-workers and that makes working with her entertaining at times.”

When Morgan isn’t working hard in the office, you can find her outside, near water. She said she loves to be sitting on the beach, with her feet up and a drink in her hand. She also enjoys canoeing, jet skiing and really anything that involves water.

Lucky for eSolutions’ clients, Morgan also loves her work.

“Being a part of the Client Services team, I am constantly reminded that other people’s problems are my problems,” she said. “I am always striving to make sure that I treat clients the way I would want to be treated in a similar situation.”

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