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Home Health Analytics - Why Data Matters

You probably hear this all the time: regularly checking your data is important. You'd better keep an eye on your metrics! In-depth analytics are crucial to keeping your agency going! Business, numbers, etc.

How Automation in Your Clearinghouse Makes Life Easier

Why is automation important in a claims clearinghouse? Automation adds intelligence and agility to your claims submission process and revenue cycle. This equals less stress for your team, cleaner claims and improved reimbursement.

Providers should use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as more than a simple pipeline to submit claims. Many organizations don’t tap into existing sophisticated EDI functionality that streamlines processes, finds missing revenue, improves cash flow and so much more. An advanced clearinghouse with automated features takes full advantage of EDI functionality.

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q2 2018


eSolutions Continues to Improve Products and Grow Offerings

How to Know if Your Medical Billing Partner has Your Back - Infographic

If you're a healthcare provider outsourcing your medical billing, you put enormous trust into a third party biller to manage the most important aspect of your business - your revenue. Check out our latest infographic that outlines six key areas to watch closely if you outsource your Medicare billing.

Best Practices for Implementing RCM Technology

Incorporating a new RCM solution is no easy task. It's bound to disrupt your day-to-day activities, and your team will undoubtedly need an adjustment period. By creating a plan-of-action ahead of time, you'll avoid extra unwanted stress, making the entire implementation process that much easier to handle.

Comparing Apples to Apples - Improve Performance with Comparative Data

How do you know if your healthcare organization’s business performance is clicking on all cylinders? Many organizations have invested in business intelligence tools to help measure internal performance, evaluate areas of improvement, and identify best practices to improve cash flow. Yet, what exactly are “best practices”? How can organizations know if their practices really are best? How do you get a true apples to apples comparison?

Don't Let Claim Denials Drain Money from Your Hospital's Margins | eBook

Do you understand how to improve denial rates, manage appeals and uncover leaked revenue?

Hospital claim denials are on the rise and pose significant risks to the average hospital.  Our new eBook, just for hospitals, examines the most common reasons for claim denials, then offers insight into improving denial rates and developing an appeals process that actually works.

How to Keep Patients Coming Back

Like many physician’s offices, you may put significant effort into attracting new patients. Are you dedicating enough resources to patient retention? What are you doing to keep your patients coming back?

Using Social Media to Improve Your Home Health Agency

With 70 percent of the U.S. population having at least one social media account, you can bet social media is an effective tool to promote a home health agency. eSolutions has a few tips for social media beginners and advanced users alike that may help you boost your online presence and attract home health agency clients.

Healthcare Comparative Analytics and BI Solutions: What's the Difference?

Processing times, denial rates, cash flow and alternative payment models – all just a few of the many business challenges healthcare organizations face. As providers identify areas in which to focus their efforts and maximize performance, a growing number are investing in business intelligence (BI) solutions featuring comparative analytics. These solutions help organizations identify areas of the business in which improvements will offer the greatest ROI.