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Medicare Beneficiary Identifier: What Providers Need To Know

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) has the attention of the entire healthcare industry. That's because Medicare is in the midst of launching a dramatic change. This spring, all Medicare beneficiaries will transition to a new Medicare identification system. Find out why that's a big deal in our latest white paper. 

Managing Home Health ADRs for Optimal Reimbursement

In our last blog post, we outlined common causes of Additional Development Requests (ADRs) and offered tips to prevent them. We even included a special home health agency final claim checklist to help you submit an end-of-episode claim correctly to avoid an ADR and speed up reimbursement.

Prevent Home Health ADRs before they Cost You Time and Money

Additional Development Requests (ADRs) are a fact of life for home health agencies. Since CMS renewed its Probe and Educate, now called Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE), preventing ADRs and responding to them in a timely fashion is even more important to the financial health of your agency.

Don't Let Claim Denials Drain Money from Your Hospital's Margins

Hospitals are writing off more claim denials as uncollectable than ever before, posing a concern within the industry. For an average 350 bed hospital, the potential cost could be as much as $3.5 million in lost revenue. As the industry moves toward value-based payments, proving medical necessity may further increase denial rates. We’re left wondering how losses from denials have spiked and what hospitals can do to prevent them.

Why Post-Acute Providers need to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Hospitals had to reduce readmission rates. Now it's the post-acute sector's turn.

In 2012, Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) required hospitals to reduce their own 30-day readmission rates or face potential payment penalty. Now it’s the post-acute care (PAC) market’s turn to help reduce hospital readmission rates or face consequences.

Improving 3 Key Stages of Reimbursement for a Painless Revenue Cycle | Free eBook

We're excited to announce a new eBook available in our Resource Center. Those of you working to provide healthcare to patients ultimately help people feel better.

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q4 2017

This year’s theme has undoubtedly been evolution. More than any year in our company’s history, 2017 was a year of strategic change and improvement to our products and services. With the acquisition of RemitDATA, customers now have an additional tool in the business intelligence toolbox to compare real-time, peer-to-peer data, helping to improve key operational and financial measures.

Reasons Medical Billers Should Get a Dog for Christmas

Long hours of tedious work to meet tight deadlines can definitely toss some unwanted stress on your plate this holiday season. Instead of going home to flip on the TV and glue yourself to yet another screen, wouldn’t it be nice to have a furry friend to share your evening? If you’ve recently considered adopting a pet, check out why we believe man's best friend may be the perfect Christmas gift for you!

Lower Your Stress Level

During the holiday season, it’s natural to experience increased stress levels. What can help reduce that extra stress? Studies show that by interacting with or just being near a friendly dog, the body releases more oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone, while keeping your stress hormone, cortisol, at bay. Keeping your cortisol levels low benefits your immune system, too!

How SNFs are streamlining billing for better financial outcomes

We get it! Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) teams need more hours in the day. Hundreds of SNFs throughout the country entrust eSolutions’ web-based products to streamline workflow, speed up cash flow and improve financial outcomes. Learn where and how six special eSolutions skilled nursing customers have leveraged eSolutions to get back their valuable time and increase revenue.

Infographic | Top 6 Home Health Denial Reasons Based on Medical Review

Accuracy and oversight matter in home health billing. Agencies must be on top of their business practices to avoid denials. This includes managing detailed documentation procedures and the most accurate billing processes possible. Knowing the top reasons home health agencies receive denials based on medical review and how to avoid them will keep your agency on top of its reimbursement game. Check out our infographic to learn more.