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TITAN Use Cases

Interested in learning more about what TITAN can do for your business? Check out these use cases that explain how using TITAN saves providers time, removes costs, improves operations and decreases audit risks.
Identify High Dollar Procedures

Providers need a way to identify high-dollar procedures that may be impacting their bottom line and causing them to stand out to payers. By leveraging comparative data along with the practice’s internal practice management systems, the provider now has a checks and balances system to reduce the risk of denials.

Improve Business Operations with Peer Analysis

Healthcare providers need a method to compare data to peers to improve business operations and prioritize initiatives. Using TITAN, practices can compare data to peers and identify areas needing improvement.

Track Denials for Specific Payers

Leveraging comparative healthcare analytics, the provider created a report identifying all denials by payer for a specific time period. They were able to filter the denials by the CO4 adjustment code with modifiers 26 or 91.

Identify Medicare Audit Risks

Comparative analytics can help providers determine if they are consistently coding for
higher-level reimbursement than their peers, in turn reducing the risk of a Medicare audit.

Uncover Spikes in Denials or Billing Patterns

TITAN's comparative analytics can help providers trend billed service lines billed to a specific payer, helping pinpoint and reduce spikes in billing and denials.