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Case Studies

Learn how our clients are partnering with eSolutions to succeed. 

Community Health Network

With more than 200 sites of care, Community Health Network faced challenges familiar to many growing health systems like disparate technology platforms, scattered claim data and patient accounts across different EHR systems. Community also lacked visibility into the Medicare system, which led to stagnant claims and revenue leakage. Thanks to eSolutions’ Medicare Enterprise, the hospital has greatly improved A/R days, dramatically decreased outstanding return to provider claims, lessened coding and registration errors, and is enjoying faster, accurate Medicare reimbursement.

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Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii

Today’s large clinical reference laboratories, like Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, LLC, face several revenue cycle challenges, from changing regulations and declining reimbursement, to tracking a large volume of claims – many of which are for small dollar amounts. After implementing eSolutions’ TITAN, the organization was able to thoroughly analyze claim rejections and denials and make quick improvements, resulting in a $200,000 increase in net revenue in just a two-month time period.

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Enhanced Revenue Solutions

Like many medical billing companies, Enhanced Revenue Solutions (ERS) struggled to keep up with changing regulations and payer reimbursement rules that often occur without notice. They turned to eSolutions’ TITAN to help them more efficiently work with healthcare providers. TITAN helped ERS quickly identify client problems with real-time, transparent insights. ERS has helped providers across many states and specialties pinpoint issues causing denied and rejected claims.

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Faulkton Area Medical Center

Like many rural, critical access hospitals across the nation, Faulkton Area Medical Center serves a rapidly aging population. Patients drive many miles to receive specialty, acute and rehab services from the hospital. With more than half of its patients on Medicare, this busy 12-bed hospital needed a more efficient way to bill and correct Medicare claims. Using Medicare Enterprise, Faulkton Area Medical Center streamlined its entire claims submission process, resulting in decreased denials and rejections and improve cash flow.

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Healthcare Provider Solutions

Providing financial, reimbursement, billing and clinical consulting services to nearly 100 home health and hospice agencies, Healthcare Provider Solutions (HPS) needed a solution that added speed and efficiency to the Medicare claims submission and tracking process. After choosing eSolutions’ Medicare Enterprise Pro as its total solution, HPS now drives faster cash flow, accurate reimbursement and delivers the provider-specific intelligence to improve the financial health of their clients.

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St. Anthony's Hospice

As a small organization serving three Kentucky counties, the St. Anthony’s Hospice billing team found manually entry of Medicare claims extremely time consuming. It also lacked the claim reporting and correction tools needed to push MSP claims to adjudication. Find out how eSolutions has helped the hospice automate claims management and get MSP claims easily paid for the first time in 15 years.

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Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Flushing Hospital Medical Center, a 300-bed hospital in Flushing, New York, experienced countless limitations and struggles when manually processing claims. The organization also lacked transparency into claim data, which dramatically slowed reimbursement. After deploying eSolutions’ Medicare Enterprise Package, the hospital’s billing team has significantly decreased days in A/R, cut down on denied and rejected claims and has enjoyed a breakthrough in departmental efficiencies.

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Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale was challenged with finding the most effective method to improve the Medicare claims editing process for its ancillary service product lines, including outpatient therapy, home health and hospice services. They discovered the answer to efficiently submitting error-free claims, quicker payments and a more fluid process with the eSolutions Medicare Enterprise Package.

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Liberty Healthcare Companies

Liberty Healthcare needed a more accessible process to organize, store and access ADRs. eSolutions' Medicare Enterprise Package proved transformative, helping Liberty Healthcare achieve a 71 percent reduction in AR days and nearly all claims paid within 60 days.

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CommuniCare Health Centers

CommuniCare Health Centers, a San Antonio based organization serving three Texas counties, needed a clearinghouse vendor that could streamline claims from multiple provider types and integrate with its practice management system. They chose eSolutions’ clearinghouse service, ClaimRemedi, and quickly decreased denial rates and days in A/R. Bad debt write offs dramatically declined while revenue rose 300 percent.

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NHS Management

NHS Management struggled with managing billing practices, specifically the tedious, inefficient process of verifying patient eligibility using the Medicare DDE. Using eSolutions, they have reaped the benefits of a 75 percent reduction in AR days and a 99 percent decrease in claims paid after 60 days.

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Hospice of Cincinnati

At Hospice of Cincinnati, the billing department sought an ideal method to save time and cut unnecessary, behind-the-scenes costs. eSolutions provided welcome relief with a 25 percent improvement in staff efficiency and reimbursement rates skyrocketing to 95 percent.

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Harbors Home Health and Hospice

Harbors Home Health and Hospice wanted to simplify billing procedures. With a small team of seven, staying ahead of the game and producing error-free submissions proved difficult. eSolutions helped this small team realize a mighty reduction in RTPs and AR days, putting money back into their hands faster.

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Systems Services, Inc.

With 90 nursing homes, Systems Services, Inc. was manually processing nearly 3,000 claims each month. Its busy billing team sought a solution that automated claim submission and offered data to reveal improvement opportunities. eSolutions’ Medicare Enterprise transformed the organization’s billing practices by making complex processes quick and easy. Now, with a reduction in RTPs, less days in A/R and a streamlined process, Systems Services has slashed the time spent on manual tasks.

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Hope Family Care

Hope Family Care used a third-party vendor for billing services. After five years of frustration, the practice decided it was time to gain control over billing by bringing it back in-house. They chose eSolutions’ clearinghouse solution, ClaimRemedi, which works in tandem with their practice management software.  Now Hope Family Care has a streamlined claims process with a 99 percent clean claim rate and less than a 3 percent denial rate.

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Bronat Chiropractic

Dr. David Bronat is no stranger to revenue cycle management. He’s been managing his own chiropractic practice since the early 1980’s. His practice was using another clearinghouse services to submit claims, and he had multiple challenges, including poor service and unexplained claim errors and denials. Dr. Bronat switched to eSolution’s clearinghouse solution, ClaimRemedi and immediately saw substantial benefits, including increased reimbursement rates, faster payments and excellent service.

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