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OASIS File Submission

File Transfer Service - OASIS

OASIS file transfer made easy.

File Transfer Service - OASIS gives you a complete snapshot of your OASIS file activity. From the Home tab, you can see the number of files that have been accepted, rejected, and processed. 

You’ll be able to view all the information, including errors, when you download the OASIS Final Validation Report. At a glance, you can see the status of every B1 transaction in the file. With the export and filter features you can easily save and display all your file data in several formats. The filter and layout features also let you customize your work environment and save it for future use.

Key benefits

  • Improved reliability
    Our web-based connection ensures you always know the status of your files.

  • OASIS made easy
    The File Transfer Service delivers the OASIS Final Validation Report to you.

  • All states supported
    You shouldn’t have to worry about a vendor only supporting certain regions. Our tool works nationwide.
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