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Agency Management System


A comprehensive agency management system.

Home health and hospice care can generate an abundance of data. With one web-based program, you can manage everything! 

You want to focus your resources on patient care. Now you can. Aegis takes the place of all of your other agency management tools. By implementing one cohesive system, you greatly decrease obstacles in your workflow while simultaneously maximizing your organization’s efficiency. 

What sets this tool apart from other management systems on the market, is that it’s entirely web-based. This means there is no need to purchase additional hardware or software. With only an internet connection, you’ll get an intuitive interface that efficiently connects your team in the field to your personnel in the office.

You can manage employees, payroll, scheduling, patients, doctor’s orders, interim orders, OASIS forms, accounts receivable, invoicing, and payers – all from one interface. Our user-friendly, intuitive program puts an end to breakdowns in communication and slowdowns in operations. 

Aegis lets you immediately fix errors, improve data flow, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and increase accuracy. Best of all, by automating business processes and decreasing clerical errors, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in operation costs. 

Aegis is also a full Medicare enterprise management system. It includes real-time eligibility verification, batch recertification, optional claims status reporting and analysis, DDE connectivity and an optional claims correction with resubmission interface.

Key Benefits

  • Complete workflow management
    Our events-driven workflow takes you through all the necessary actions in the most efficient way possible. We make sure all compliance issues are met and all required documentation is filled out.

  • Integrated patient and staff scheduling
    Quickly identify available staff members with the required skills to meet the patient plan of care.

  • Streamlined invoicing and A/R
    We make sure you bill at all the appropriate times and meet all essential deadlines.

  • OASIS validation and submission
    All necessary forms are fully integrated with the system and are automatically generated and sent to the state for you.

  • Customized payer settings
    We ensure you meet the requirements for all major payers and offer full customization for others.

  • Reduced labor costs, claim rejections and denials
    We automate your manual processes. Cleaner data flow means cleaner billing.

  • Integrated eligibility verification
    Stop using additional tools. Aegis verification fits seamlessly into your workflow process.

  • Support for Home Health, Hospice, Palliative Care and Private Duty
    If you have multiple business types, Aegis covers them all.


Aegis Home Tab


Aegis Orders Tab


Aegis Scheduling


Aegis Work Basket



  • Manages employees, payroll, scheduling, patients, doctor's orders, interim orders, OASIS forms, accounts receivable, invoicing, and payers
  • Facilitates communication and ends delays
  • Reduces costs and decreases errors
  • Optional eligibility verification, batch recertification, DDE connectivity and claims correction
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